The Thousand Talents Plan

China initiated “the Recruitment Program of Global Experts” (known as “the Thousand Talents Plan”) since the end of 2008, under which it would bring in overseas top talents to China over the next five to ten years. Relying upon National Key Innovation Projects, National Key Disciplines and National Key Laboratories, central SOEs and state-owned commercial and financial institutions, and various industrial parks( mainly the high-tech development zones), this plan called for strategic scientists or leading talents who can make breakthroughs in key technologies or can enhance China’s high-tech industries and emerging disciplines.

“The Recruitment Program of Global Experts” is currently being carried out through the following six subprojects (or categories).

The Recruitment Program for Innovative Talents (Long Term)

The Recruitment Program for Entrepreneurs

The Recruitment Program for Young Professionals

The Innovative Talents Recruitment Program (Short Term)

The Recruitment Program for Foreign Experts

The Recruitment Program for Topnotch Talents and Teams