The Innovative Talents Recruitment Program (Short Term)

1. Basic Qualifications

In addition to the basic requirements of “Innovative Talents Recruitment Program (Long Term)”, the candidates shall be able to take the lead in the urgently needed areas of science, technology, industrial development and disciplinary construction. They shall work with stable employers in China with clear work objectives and be able to make substantive contribution. They shall have signed contracts valid for at least 3 consecutive years and with at least 2 months each year working in China. The ownership of intellectual property right shall be clearly defined.

2. Preferential Policies and Treatments

500,000 RMB shall be granted to each talent recruited. The procedures regarding exit and entrance, medical care and insurance shall be facilitated according to the requirement of the talents.

If the talent has applied for “Innovative Talents Recruitment Program (Long Term)” after the fulfillment of the program and has signed contracts, the employer shall apply for the approval of the Special Operations Office for the Introduction of Overseas high-level Talents. Once permitted, the talent shall be directly enrolled to “The Recruitment Program for Innovative Talents (Long Term)” and be awarded as “The National Distinguished Expert”. 500,000 RMB research subsidies shall be granted by the national budget.